10 Free Google Tools You Should Be Using For Marketing

You love it, you hate it, but you surely cannot ignore it. Google is the dominant search engines in the world. But what many users do not know that it is more than just a search engine. There are many tools (say hidden treasures) that have “freemium” model that are hugely helpful for any business.

Here is the list of 11 most helpful Google tools that are available absolutely free.

1. Google My Business

This is an excellent tool for local and retail business to locate their business not only on Google but also on Google Maps in local searches. You can share your company’s contact details, address, timings and more so that your customer can easily get in touch with you. All you need to do is visit Google My Business (https://www.google.co.in/business/), tap on ‘Start Now’ and follow the simple instructions. After listing, you can also see the number of times your customers searched for your business and similar trends.

2. Google+ Business Page

Even with Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter been the trending and most frequently used social channels, Google+ has its own charm. It’s important and cannot be neglected, especially if you are using Google My Business tool. Other than this, Google+ can help you improve your business’s search visibility. Last but not the least, the Google +1 share button is another important factor of its search engine rank.

3. Google Webmaster

How about learning how good your website is? Google Webmaster tools make it easy. Google webmaster is an essential tool for SEO. All you need is to create a Google Webmaster account. This tool tells you about your website’s errors, blocked URLs, site links, site traffic, scope of HTML improvements, content keywords and much more.

4. Google Analytics

It is one of the most powerful Google tools as it helps you determine how and to whom to market your business. It tells you everything about your website’s visitors – be it their location, number of visitors from different sources, device/s used to visit the website, top content/page, conversion rates and much more. It gives you the best insight about your website’s traffic and user behavior on each page. Be it small, medium or big enterprise, this is one Google tool that is must use.

5. Google Keyword Planner

Whether you are looking for organic traffic or going for paid Google ads for your business, Google Keyword Planner is a must tool. It helps you identify the best keywords as per your business and target audience. You can use these keywords for your website’s content creation so that your website/business can be easily found by the right users. Other than this, you can also plan your paid campaigns on Google as it suggests the best keyword, its monthly search volume, and estimated bid.

6. Google Trends

In order to create relevant content which your users would love to read, you need to know what is trending. Here comes Google Trends that gives us the keywords that are searched by people at that particular time. You can compare traffic on similar keywords, how its popularity varies from time to time and location to location.

7. Google Alerts

By setting up Google alerts for your business or industry, you can easily keep an eye on what’s going on, not only within your competition but also worldwide. Once you setup email notification for any keyword of your interest and you will receive information whenever that phrase will be used online. This is an excellent ORM tool to track on your brand mentions.

8. Google News

Today, many businesses capitalize on the latest news. If done right, your business not only gets attention, but this can also amplify your sales. If you wish to stay updated and take advantage of the latest news, then Google News is an excellent tool. This tool will help you identify the relevant tool related to your business. Once identified, you can create content around it and share on various platforms.

9. Google Feedburner

Set up Google Feedburner and let your visitors subscribe to your content and regular updates. This tool helps you increase your business reach by spreading your content feed. The best thing about Google Feedburner is that it is easy to set up and required no coding.

10. YouTube

YouTube is the best platform for showcasing and promoting videos. Video content creates a huge impact on the audience, making it favorite among many marketers. You can create a YouTube channel for your business and start uploading videos. What else? You can add Call-to-Action buttons and turn your viewers into visitors.

So, here is the list of the top 10 FREE Google tools. If you like the post and would like to receive the future posts in your inbox, please scroll down and subscribe to email alerts.

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