5 Content Creation Tools To Write Unique Articles Using AI

Content marketing is a long-term, non-perishable and sustainable marketing strategy with the highest Return on Investment. The earlier to start it, the soon you will start seeing the results. Most companies understand the important of content marketing but they succumb to the challenges of doing content marketing, which is hiring right content writers. They are expensive and hard to find. But, if you are not ready to make that investment right now, you can get started with content marketing using Artificial Intelligence. There are tools available which let you create engaging and unique content like a human writer.

Here are my 5 recommendation on content creation tools to write unique articles even if you don’t have content writers.

1. Quill

Narrative Science’s Quill is an advanced natural language generation (Advanced NLG) platform for enterprise organizations to create perfectly written, meaningful narratives from the data. Quill identifies the relevant information from the datasheet and converts it into professional, conversational language. Quill pricing plan is only available on request but you can try out Quill Engage, which is a free tool to automatically analyzes and transforms your Google Analytics data into natural language reports.

2. Wordsmith

Automated Insight’s Wordsmith is also a natural language generation (NLG) platform that lets you convert data into text in any language. All you need to do is upload your data and define a template in which you want your article. Similar to Quill, Wordsmith also has open API. Wordsmith’s paid plan starts from $250 per month for 1000 articles.

3. Articoolo

Articoolo uses artificial intelligence to create unique, proofread, high-quality content from scratch, simulating a real human writer.All you need to do is choose the topic and length of the article, and Articoolo’s algorithm will create your textual content within minutes. Articoolo is available for a monthly subscription or pay as you use where you pay close to $1 per article. Their monthly subscription starts at $29 for 30 articles.

4. Article Forge

Article forge is a tool similar to articoolo which writes unique content from scratch. You can upload your main keyword and sub-keywords to write a unique article with seconds. Article force is priced at $47 per month.

5. WordAI

WordAI is a helpful tool if you are re-using already published content. WordAI paraphrase your content in a human way that Google and Copyscape can’t detect your content. You can upload your content to wordai and it will analyses the sentences and paragraphs replace the words with its synonyms. WordAI monthly plan is priced at $49.95

Question for the readers:

Do you think AI enabled Content Creation tools will replace human content writers? Share your views in the comment section.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. I am using Articoolo for creating few blog content, It is awesome and surely i think AI will replace humans in creating articles, if not in any other Digital Marketing area.
    But need human mind to make alteration to the automatically generated articles.


  2. VJ says:

    ^Exactly my thoughts. We’ll need more content managers and fewer writers.


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